Rotimi Amaechi Bemoans The High Rate Of Crime In Rivers State, Claiming That The State Is In Danger

Rotimi Amaechi, the former governor of Rivers State and the current Minister of Transportation, has expressed concern about the high level of crime and insecurity in the state, claiming that the state is in jeopardy.

The Minister made the remarks in Port Harcourt during the formal defection of two former Commissioners and others who served in Governor Wike’s administration from the PDP to the APC.


Unemployment, according to Amaechi, is to blame for the current state of insecurity and high levels of crime in the state.

He stated that the Wike-led administration has failed to create jobs for youths, which is why crime and insecurity have increased.

He explained that while he was governor, he established several agricultural programs that provided jobs for youths, but that these programs were destroyed by the current administration.


“God knows I did my best when I was governor. Not only did I construct roads, but I also constructed schools. Not only did I construct roads, but I also constructed power lines. Farms were something I built. I created a job for myself. The unemployed population in Rivers State was not among the highest in Nigeria “According to the Minister,

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