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Rwanda’s Dictator, Paul Kagama Is Similar To Abacha In Many Ways Except HE Is More Intelligent (Video)

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Rwanda is very similar to Nigeria in so many ways and mainly in the sense that both countries are torn in the lines or religious and ethnicity differences, such setup requires a leader with strong character to handle the different types of stubborn personalities that will be encountered.

Nigeria once had a leader in the person of Sani Abacha who ruled with iron fist and was feared by everyone before he eventually died and power was returned to democratic rule.

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Sani Abacha did steal as much as he could from the Nigerian government purse and kept the money greedily for himself and his family whilst the rest of the masses suffered.


Rwanda is ruled by Paul Kagame who is like Abacha in the sense of ruling the country with an iron fist, however, unlike Abacha Kagame seems to be a man of principles and has not wrecked Rwanda’s economy or stolen the country’s money.

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Instead Kigame has improved the live of the average and pool Riwandan citizen by providing several avenues for them to earn a comfortable living and infrastructure to support it. You can watch Paul Kagame tackling some foreign Journalist who recently interviewed him below:

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