Sabbath Church Re-brands, No Longer White Garment Church

Sabbath Church re-brands, no longer white garment church

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He told me he doesn’t like her attitude – Lady in tears after finding out that her boyfriend is cheating on her with the same friend he warned her against

A lady identified as Violet Emor has cried out on tiktok after finding out that her boyfriend is having a secret affair with her friend.

Violet in an emotional post on her tiktok account, revealed that he always warned her against the same lady he cheated on her with.

According to Violet, he was always telling her to be mindful of the lady because she has a bad attitude.

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While shedding tears in a video, Violet said:

“I just found out he’s sleeping with my friend. Same girl he told me to be careful of. That he doesn’t like her attitude. I trusted him too much and now he made me look like a f00l.”

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