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SAD: See What an Army Commander Did to This Soldier That Made His Wife Cry For Help

I still don’t know the offense this man committed, but I think his wife should be considered. I am sure she is passing through trying times. I can’t imagine what she must have gone through all this moment the Army Commander have tortured her husband. Imagine not receiving salary for almost 6 months. I think it is high time the government of Nigeria should intervene and help the lady. Even if the government don’t want to release the soldier, let the government at least support his wife before she gets depressed.

Note: The picture of his wife was not made known to the public. Any picture of a lady you see here is just for illustration purposes.

According to reports online, The wife of a soldier is in tears after what an army commander did to her husband. Below are some pictures of this soldier whose wife is crying:

Reports also made us to under that the reason why this lady is crying is because of what the Army Commander is doing to her husband. It is high time we ourselves in her shoes. This lady is indeed passing through a lot. I think the government should act fast before she will take a very bad decision. Depression is real.

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