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Sad Story About JHS Graduate Student, Who Was Abused By Her Father

Sometimes is very sad and painful when some people doesn’t understand your statement and even don’t ask you to explain or express yourself to them.

A lady who’s name is covered share her sad life story and I think some father’s and people will take a lesson about it.

A lady completed JHS and passed very well her father was so happy and promised to give her a better education. A week time the father and the daughter were going to seek for admission in school, on their way going the father met his friend.

The father is a livestock rearing, he rear so many animal both fowls, cow’s, sheep and goat’s. When he met his friend who also rear livestock, they stand there for more than an hour talking about the animals.

So his daughter went to them and told the father that he should stop animal thing’s and let them go to do what they are intend to do in the twi or Ghanaian language, what the lady said will be like “”(Papa gyae mmoa s3m no na y3nk) y3 de3 ehia)””.

The father didn’t say anything about it and continued talking with his friend, about 15 minutes they finished and he told the daughter to go home with him so that they will go and seek for the admission tomorrow.

The daughter agreed and when they reach home the father didn’t ask why she told him that word, he started beating her drastically and finally told her that he will never seek for any admission for her again.

The man used the belt hook to hit her left eye and as we are talking she has getting problem in her eye, I mean the left eye is closed and not working again.

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