Sad: Woman Proudly Says That She Bewitched Her Husband And Whoever Sleeps With Him Will Suffer This

In an open platform we always understand that a person is entitled to sharing about almost anything they have experienced or are experiencing in their lives.

But surprisingly some people would rather share some intel about their personal lives, a story emerged and caught my attention of which it was too good not to share.


We sometimes hear stories of people using traditional medicine to make sure their partners dont cheat on them, some people do this by making sure that anyone who sleeps with their partner will suffer something that cannot be cured.

A lady shared and said that whoever will sleep with her husband will literally rot to the core, for their whole entire life. And her reasons for bewitching her husband she stated clearly.

The woman narrated in a story and said she has caught her husband many times with more than one woman, and she had to take a step against this so she visited a traditional healer who helped her greatly.


With pride and no fear she gradually continued and mentioned that whoever sleeps or cheats with her husband will be in great danger as the medicine will make sure they rot for their whole entire life. see more of the story here.

For a woman to think of something so gruesome, she must have been absolutely tired of being cheated on while she remains loyal and she even said she does not want to be judged or called heartless. People must understand her situation.

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What do you think of this woman’s act?

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