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SAKAWA! ! See What Happened After Man Used His Wife’s Br3ast For Money Rituals


Villagers were left speechless after relatives of a woman who was reportedly killed by her husband so that he could get a US$5000 reward, dug a shallow grave and buried her at the centre of the latter’ s parents homestead.

It is alleged that Regina Khumbula aged 35, was killed by her husband Rameck Batirai, 39, who wanted her body parts for ritual purposes.


It was reported that Khumbula’ s relatives did not involve Batirai’ s relatives when they conducted the burial ceremony.

One of the relatives who spoke on condition of anonymity said:

” They were just follwing proceedings with folded hands as we conducted the burial ceremony. The centre of the homestead was the perfect place we thought was suitable enough to send our message well to them that we are still pained and in shock over the manner in which our daughter was killed by her husband. ”


Circumstances are that Batirai had been allegedly offered US$5000 by Tongai Hotera, 37, and Innocent Munemo, 39, if he provided a human tongue and breasts.

Khumbula then left home around 17: 00 in the evening with Batirai as she took him halfway on his way to work from which she never returned home.

An informant called Christopher Mayingehama who was using a footpath to town heard a baby crying in the bush and discovered that the infant was lying beside her mother in a pool of blood.


He reportedly rushed to a nearby homestead where he took five other people to the scene where they found the baby with the body no longer at the exact position it was.

Using the help of five others, they later found the body about 50 meters away from the original spot.

He then proceeded to notify the police of what they had witnessed. The police then arrested Batirai as he was the last person to have been seen with his wife.


Batirai allegedly told the police that he had murdered his wife because Hotera and Munemo had promised a US$5000 reward if he provided a tongue and breasts that they allegedly intended to use for ritual purposes.

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