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Sales Girl Stole N7 Million From Her Boss To Give Her Lover, See What He Did With It

A Twitter user known as Lolo Chisom Okoligwe has narrated a shocking story of how a sales girl who was said to be in love stole up to 7 million from her unsuspecting boss and gave to her male lover.

Some girls are always crazy in love, so crazy that they are always ready to do anything for their men just to keep them. Some even go as far as stealing or even laying with other men to make sure they give their men all the money they need.

It is not just the women who have been in such a mess as most men are always ready to do anything just to keep a girl. They also go as far as committing various crimes to achieve their aim.

This is what allegedly happened as a young sales girl who was obviously blind or crazy in love stole up to a whopping 7 million naira from her boss that she was serving over a period of time just to give her boyfriend.

According to Lolo Chisom Okoligwe who shared the tweet on Twitter, the young sales girl was stealing the money from her boss for her boyfriend, unknown to her that the young man has been using the money to work his international visa.

Lolo Chisom

Apparently, the young man was allegedly trying to run away and leave the innocent and unsuspecting sales girl before the whole thing became known.

The Twitter user said that at the moment, the young man and the lady have already been apprehended and arrested by the police and are already in police custody.

If not that the stealing was earlier noticed and the young man and his girlfriend were apprehended, the man would have ran away and left the poor girl to face the consequences of her actions alone.

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