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Sambisa Forest Is Bigger Than South East And Israel Joined Together? Check Out Details

The activities of Boko Haram have made many Nigerians to be aware of a place called Sambisa. Though not many are aware that the area called Sambisa is a large area and that is why it is difficult for the Nigeria troops to cover the area at a time.

The Sambisa forest is located at the northeastern part of the country. The forest occupies parts of the states of Borno, Yobe, Gombe, Bauchi along the corridor Darazo, Jigawa, and some parts of Kano state farther north.

 To let you know how large the Sambisa area is, it covers an area approximately 60,000 square kilometers. Sambisa is larger than the entire states in the South East and even the country Israel Join together.

Enugu State 7,161, Abia State 6,320, Ebonyi State 5,670, Imo State 5,530, Anambra State 4,844.

The total geographical size of South East is 29,400.00 sq km. And that of Israel is 22,145 km².

The above details should help Nigerians understand the efforts the Nigeria military put to combats Boko Haram in the large Sambisa forest.


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