SATANIC: Stay Away From These Churches If You Care About Your Life


There is no such thing as a ” perfect” church. Frankly, there can be no perfect church because the people who go to church are not perfect.

The only perfect thing in the church is the message and purity of the Gospel. Although there is no perfect church, there is such a thing as a healthy church. Which means naturally, there is such a thing as an unhealthy church. I have literally been in church my whole life, so I’ ve witnessed the great, good and the bad.

After having endless discussions about church traditions, I have come up with a list!


Four Signs That You Are Part Of An Unhealthy Church.

  1. Leadership Has No Vision:

Proverbs 29: 18 states: ” Where there is no vision the people go unrestrained. ” The church whose leadership did not explain or have the idea, ” This is what we are, this is where we are going, and this is how we will get there, ” is unhealthy in the extreme.

How is it possible for any church or organization to function or exist literally without a vision?

Jesus was the ultimate great steward. He expressed his views not only on what the church should look like, but, ultimately, on the role of the church and its purpose.

Unfortunately, I have seen churches that have no mission and no vision at all, and the Scripture is 100 percent accurate; people perished. If you do not know what the mission and vision of your church is, you are more likely to be in an unhealthy church.


Additionally, if your church has a mission statement and vision, but you do not see the mission and vision being carried out within the church organization, programs and / or services offered, you are probably in a church that ain’ t healthy.

  1. Leadership Will Never Be Challenged:

If you are part of a church where leadership cannot be heard or challenged, run!

I’ ve seen this, and I tell you that this is not going to end very well.

Please remember that church leaders are there to spread the vision and direct the church to where God leads. Church leaders do not see and should not be dictatorial.

What I am saying is this: Members should never be afraid to ask a question that contradicts the proposed concept or direction of leadership in the church.


With that said, there should also be a level of respect given when church leadership is challenged. The key is concern, not argument.

Finally, you should be able to ask questions about where your church is heading without fear of church leadership.

  1. You Are Comfortable, But You Will Never Be Condemned:

It is very dangerous when the church’ s preaching and teaching group operates in what I call ” Ren and Stimpy Theology. ” What I am saying about this is that every sermon and lesson from the preaching / teaching group is always ” joy, joy, happy, happy, ” but there have never been any heart- wrenching, convincing messages that will challenge people.

The church should not be built in such a way that it makes you feel warm and thoughtful inside, but the church should be there to bring faith in God’ s Word to bring about change in one’ s life.


Furthermore, if your church does not fit in with its teachings, your walk with God becomes stronger; never grow up.

If you have ever been to a hospital to get better, then you know that most of the time in your healing process, there is pain involved.

It’ s the same thing with the church; your healing process will not always be happy. There will be times when you need to be broken, convicted and stumbled into your sin.

  1. Congregations Satisfied With Cremation:

I would often say that a church’ s tradition is unhealthy if its members are content to be ghost heaters.

A sign heater is a person who does not belong to their church; they only go to church on Sundays, and they are content to do so.


When the church is healthy, people are happy to borrow their gifts to build up their church and the whole Body of Christ.

However, if the only time the church sees a voluntary increase is when a pastor puts a massive trial in his congregation, something is wrong. When the church’ s environment is healthy, you should never blame people to get involved.

They will have a heart of service, not out of guilt but out of desire.


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