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SAVIOUR! ! Look At How Ngigi Is Working Round The Clock To End NARD’s Strike


The National Association of Resident Doctors has stated that it will not end its strike until its demands have been met.

Despite Osagie Ehanire, the Minister of Health, meeting with the group’ s leadership on Monday, the association stated that this is still the case.

The PUNCH has learned that Ehanire met with NARD leadership for the first time since the strike began 51 days ago on Monday, sans Chris Ngige, the Minister of Labour and Employment.

Ngige has been the driving force behind negotiations with NARD leaders in an attempt to terminate the strike up till now.


In an interview with The PUNCH on Tuesday, NARD Secretary- General Dr. Jerry Isogun revealed that he met with Ehanire. ”

On Monday, without the presence of the minister of labour and employment, the minister (Ehanire) met with us for the first time, ” Isogun stated.

” He chatted with us and explained a few things to us, as well as stating that he was trying very hard to remedy the issues.


” We also told him about our complaints. He listened and said he’ d contact us to make sure everything was okay. ”

” Of course, we trust him, and we believe he will do as he promised, ” the NARD secretary responded when asked if the union had faith in Ehanire and if the walkout would be called off soon.

” As I previously stated, it was his first meeting with us, and he had promised to follow up. He didn’ t specify when he’ d do so, though.


” This does not imply that the strike will be called off right away. Our stance remains unchanged. The strike will be called off after you pay us our money and resolve all outstanding issues. ”

The Nigerian doctor, an endangered species: contending with a pandemic, insufficient workplace infrastructure, and security threats, was declared a strike action by the NARD at its National Executive Council meeting on July 30.


The National President of NARD, Dr. Okhuaihesuyi Uyilawa, announced that the strike would begin on August 2 following a meeting in Umuahia, Abia State.

He cited the Federal Government’ s failure to implement agreements signed with the union 113 days after the previous strike was suspended as the reason for the new strike.


Obi asked doctors and the federal government to work together to make healthcare more affordable for the general public.

” On the issue of the resident doctors’ strike, the matter is before a court of competent jurisdiction, and the court will undoubtedly do justice to it, ” he said. ” However, I am calling for compromise from both the Federal Government and the doctors’ strike union. ”

” This is what needs to be done in the patients’ best interests, because the hospitals are now completely deserted. The majority of the tasks in hospitals are performed by resident doctors. “


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