“She Saw A Beggar On The Road And Told Him To Go Away From Her Car,” See What The Beggar Did (Video)

As an adage says, all fingers are not equal. People all over the world, work hard so they could be happy with their families at the end of the day. While a few ended up happy, the vast majority end up unhappy. These unhappy ones are not bad people, they are as good as everyone else. Although they work as hard as everyone else, luck, however, eludes them. Have you ever wondered why certain individuals who work so hard still end up poor?. Have you ever come across a young boy who is supposed to be in school, begging on the street before?. Here is a practical example for you to see and possibly learn something new.

Presently, a video is trending on many social media platforms. The video shows a young boy who survives on the street as a beggar. In the said video, the young boy ran towards a moving vehicle after the traffic light stopped the car. As can be seen, the young boy came to beg for alms. Immediately he got close to the said car, he saw a lady making a live video at the back of her car. As was heard, the young lady asked him to go away from her car but the boy refused. What the boy did however got the attention of many. The young boy after refusing to go away started kissing the young lady’s car in admiration of her. As is also seen, the young lady started laughing as she saw the situation to be hilarious.

This video has however caused mixed reactions as many people are reacting to it. The majority thinks that the said lady reacted in a very nice way. They praised her for finding the situation funny instead of getting angry. They opined that she has a heart of gold.

There are a few others who see things differently. This group of persons expressed that the young boy doesn’t deserve to be on the street begging. They stressed that he is supposed to be in school instead, rather than being on the road begging for alms. They however called on meaningful authorities to help solve the situation.

What do you think?.

• Do you think that the young lady deserves commendation for remaining cool?.

• Do you think that the young boy does not deserve to be on the street begging?.

• Do you think that education is a right every child must have?.

Here is a link to watch the video.

Here are some pictures;

Nigerians are nonetheless reacting.

Here are some comments so far;

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