“This Is What I Saw When I Went To Heaven” – Archbishop Duncan Williams Reveals

It’s a prayer of consecration that we all need, all of us have something to give up, all of us have something to deal with. You know, when I went to heaven, there was a place, heaven is very interesting. I was taken to a dormitory and I saw people I never knew here on earth living in dormitories and I was told that some of these people were great ministries and ministers. I didn’t know who they were and I was told why they lived in dormitories and then they showed me the city of T.L. Osborne not mansion not house, a city and I said that is my grandfather in the faith.

I went to Tulsa Oklahoma to visit my children. I flew through Houston to Tulsa then the Lord said change your ticket and go through Chicago, and I got to Chicago airport, my flight was delayed for two hours. Once I was studying the Lord said, lift up your head and look and I saw Dr. T.L. Osborne sitting alone having coffee and the Lord said, go to him and I went to him and said, grandpa. He said Nicolas sit down and I said, I saw your city in heaven and he said, that’s why I’m over 80 and I’m still preaching the Gospel and winning souls.

The people that was living in dormitories, I was told that even though they wrote books, they had mega Churches and mega ministry, the motive for which they did what they did was wrong, even though they were great on earth, God did not accept them even though they made it to heaven, they had no reward because the motive for which they did it was out of envy, strive to compete with others, to prove a point that they are better and bigger than everybody else and God said, I don’t accept that.

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