Say These Powerful Prayers For God To Fight Your Battles Today

Is there anything around your life that God cannot touch? Do, you like anything more than God in your life? Do you praise or honor wife, anything above Jesus Christ? Is there anything you cannot do with out more than God? What is that things you devoted your life or what is that things you like to touch every time, that is not your creator, such things has turn to an idols in your life. It has disqualified you before God.

What ever you promote more than God for the promotion of His Kingdom, be it money, friend, husband, book, T.V, music, children, car, house etc. Such thing that has separated you from God must be taken away.

It is either the thing goes or you go, make your choice. Nothing else is worth living for or dying for, but Jesus, Any desire you have that becomes a contract, when you say to God, If you do this I will go. God will do it. “Hear 0! Israel and observe to do it that it may be well with thee, and that ye may increase mightily as the Lord God of thy fathers bath promised thee in the land that flowed with milk and honey. (Deut. 6:3)

Let’s Pray


  1. Every idol that is seating beside the glory of God in my life die in Jesus name.

  2. All spirit of idols that replaced the position of God in my life, home and work die in Jesus name

3.The Grace and power to serve God and love God more than anything else, give it to me in Jesus name

  1. Every altar of sin in my heart, be destroyed in Jesus Name.

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