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After Saying That Trump Was Sent By God To Fulfill The Scripture, See Aisha’s Reply To Success

Former US president Donald trump after leaving the white house yesterday, has led to a lot of controversies on social media. It was noted that Donald Trump lost as the sitting president to Joe Biden in the last concluded US presidential elections.

We can easily remember on how Donald Trump refused to concede defeat, with the accusation that the election was rigged. But as the constitution has it, since he was not able to provide concrete evidence, he had to give up power. And yesterday, he did just so. After Donald Trump’s tenure as US president, A twitter user by name Melody success, stated via his twitter handle that Donald Trump Was Sent by God to fulfill the scripture. Aisha Yesufu, a popular Nigerian human rights activist, after seeing his statement replied him. Below is the screenshot of the reply Aisha Yesufu gave to him via her verified twitter account;

What do you have to say about this statement by success melody?


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