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SCARY AND BLOODY! ! ! See Those That Will Be Killed First If WAR Starts In Nigeria


Former Senate President, Senator Ken Nnamani, has revealed those that will firstly be wiped out if the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, who are fighting for the realization of the Biafra Nation drag Nigeria into another war.

The former lawmaker while speaking on Tuesday in Lagos disclosed that the majority of the people that call for war are usually the first to be wiped out, stressed that they will not even survive the first two weeks of the war.


His words, ” Most of the people who call for war are usually the first to be wiped out. They would not survive the first two weeks. ”

He added that he witnessed the death of Nigerians during the civil war, stated that no one was spared as many students of Nsukka, the young and bright citizens lost their lives during the war.


” I witnessed the Biafra war. Many people died, including students in Nsukka; young and bright citizens who were a joy to their parents, families, and communities. ”

He further explained that Igbo will benefit from the country if it’ s well organized because they have the talents and businesses to thrive well. He stressed that many skyscrapers in Banana Island in Lagos and the majority of the hotels in Abuja are own by the Igbo. Therefore, war is not the solution to their problems.


He added, ” If Nigeria is properly organized, Igbos will thrive well. We should continue to develop our talents and businesses.

” The Igbos stand to benefit most if there is peace. Without boasting, there is no place you would not find Igbos.


” Go to Banana Island and Victoria Island in Lagos. Many of the skyscrapers are owned by Igbos. In Abuja, three- quarters of the hotels are owned by Igbos.

” These investments cannot be moved. Turning guns against ourselves is not the answer. War is not the solution, it is not a party where you sit and drink. “


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