School Resumption: All 300L, 400L And Final Year Students of Nigerian Universities Should Note This

Education is one of the foremost factors that will contribute to the growth and development of Nigeria. Creating a healthy academic atmosphere for the teeming youths, who are the leaders of tomorrow, will guarantee a bright future for our country, Nigeria.

President Muhammadu Buhari in his administration as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has made a lot of impact in achieving a good education standard in our country. This is evident in the support he gave in the N-Power Programme (most especially, the N-Teach, which created an opportunity for talented teachers to impact in the lives of school children).

However, it is so sad to recall how this year’s academic calendar has been so much affected by the outbreak of Covid-19 in Nigeria. President Muhammadu Buhari did the best in his power as the president to curtail the spread of the virus among citizens and ensured maximum safety.
Inasmuch as the wave of Covid-19 is getting lower, primary and secondary schools have resumed, but most Nigerian universities have not yet resumed as a result of the ongoing ASUU strike. What a challenge!

Aside from other classes, 300 level (300L), 400 level (400L) and final year students have been so much affected by this prolonged strike, as many have not yet written their first semester examination, let alone moving to a new session or graduating (for final year students)
In this regard, all 300L, 400L and Final year students of Nigerian Universities should note this.

  1. It is good news to inform you that, state governors have expressed concern over the prolonged ASUU strike thereby pleading with the federal government to create a temporary salary payment window pending the outcome of the ongoing testing of the University Transparency and Accountability Solution (UTAS), recommended by ASUU. This portrays that, something would be done soon for schools to resume in no distant time.

  2. I urge all 300L, 400L and final year students to keep being studious while at home. Don’t just relax, go back to your books and start reading because, when schools resume, it’s most likely that, exams might commence immediately.
    Resuming this year or next year? Which one would you prefer? Use the comment section below.


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