School Resumption: List of States That Will Resume Schools On Monday

Recall that some months ago the federal government of Nigeria ordered the closure of schools across the country due to the spread of coronavirus disease in the country.

After few months of lockdown, the federal government released some preventive measures and guidelines to curb the further spread of the deadly virus and then ordered students to resume back to school.

However, students returned to school to complete their 2019/2020 academic activities but Covid-19 Second wave hit the country, and it led to the closure of schools again.

The Federal government has said schools should remain closed until 18th of January, 2021 but some states has kicked against the detective and announced Monday 11th of January as their resumption date.

Here are the list of States that has announced Monday 11th of January, as resumption date;

Gombe State

River State

Cross River State

Sokoto State

Delta State

Oyo State

Zamfara State

Following updates on school resumption, the above mentioned states has announced Monday, 11th of January as their resumption date. Therefore students of the states are expected to start making all necessary preparations so as to resume back to school.

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