School Resumption: All University, Secondary, And Polytechnic Students Should Take Note Of This 4

The Covid 19 has seriously hitten dip into the educational segment and it It is no more news that some segmented classes will reopen. These segmented classes are Primary 6 classes, junior secondary school 3 classes, and lastly senior secondary school 3 classes.

Following the announcement made by the federal government, students in exit classes are resuming this year. Although, the fixed date was not announced but, it was said that only students in exit classes can now resume.

We all know that the federal government kept postponing school resumption date in the past. Since the time the pandemic began, FG kept introducing and postponing date to school resumption.

Therefore, all students nationwide either university, secondary, polytechnic, and primary schools should take note of this cogent points:

  1. All students in primary 6 that want to sit for their Common entrance should take not that they are now allowed to resume to school alongside with jss3 students, as from Monday, 10th August 2020.

  2. All junior secondary school 3 students that want to participate in the BECE examination should take note that the are now allowed to resume to school as from today, Monday, 10th August 2020.

  3. All Senior school students should take note that schools are now already opened to them to resume. The federal government stated upper week that students in Sss3 can resume to school immediately after salah celebration. They should also note that their exam starts from the 17th of August till the next month.

  4. All students in exit classes should take note that they should always follow the guideline directives laid down by the federal government prior resuming.

Is it a good news that students in exit classes are resuming? What is your own view on this. Would you like for students in exit classes to do their exams amid the pandemic?


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