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School Update: All University, Secondary, And Polytechnic Students Should Take Note Of This

All schools cross country surfered the choice made by the national government, ASSU, NUT, and other educational associationsconcerning school resumption for understudies particularly Tertiary students.

In a piece to make students not to contact and spread the deadly virus, schools and libraries were completely closed. On a scale, auxiliary, essential and nursery school understudies expected to have total their third term for last meeting held by the federal government with ASUU.

The silentness of the FG concerning school reopening truly provoked understudies to commotion and dissent for resumption. Luckily, the requests of understudies were met mid-October and essential, optional and nursery understudies continued to their different spots of learning.


Therefore all university, secondary, and polytechnic students should take note of this points:

  1. All tertiary institutions should take note that as around then, nothing was said about colleges, universities, and polytechnics resuming. Only resumption date for secondary, primary, and nursery schools were announced.

  2. All seconary schools should note that schools in the thirty six states in Nigeria have resumed and normal school workda has commenced.

  3. All Primary and Nursery school students should take note that school resumption across Nigeria has also commenced.

  4. All university, polytechnic, and college students should not believe any fake news concerning school resumption. No date has been fixed yet for reopening of tertiary institutions.

Opinion from readers!

We all know Covid 19 has caused a lot of problems for students. Therefore, would you recommend that schools (Tertiary schools) be reopened? Or you would recommend schools to be closed.

Your comments will be greatly appreciated and attended to…

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