Are Schools Resuming On September 7th 2020? Here Is What You Did Not Know

There have been a viral news going round social media of schools resuming on September 7th 2020.
In a video which was apparently doctored, Minister of education, Adamu Adamu spoke on schools resuming in September — which is false.

There haven’t been an official statement from the government supporting the claims of the school resumption in September as of the time of this report.

However, the video which which is going viral on Whatsapp and Facebook was cropped out from a Educational event which happened in Jan 12, 2016. Adamu Adamu, Minister Of Education spoke on Universities Research, urged African centers of excellence to turn around the university system where all spheres of national life can be developed.

September 7th resumption date should be disregarded.

We could recall there was also rumours of schools resuming on June 1st 2020, The Ministry of Education reacted to the report, said it was false news.
“There is currently no confirmed date on the resumption of schools Nationwide. These are purported news articles to dissuade the public”, The Ministry of Education said.

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