SCOAN LEADERSHIP SCHISM: How TB Joshua's Disciples Fought His Wife, Evelyn -
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SCOAN LEADERSHIP SCHISM: How TB Joshua’s Disciples Fought His Wife, Evelyn


Mrs Evelyn Joshua has been appointed as the leader of the Synagogue Church of All Nations.

Mrs Joshua was portrayed as the soldier with the divine task of leading the Lagos-based church in a text and video posted on the church’s official Facebook page, TB Joshua Ministries, on Saturday.

Meanwhile, there have been reports of a leadership schism in the church following the death of TB Joshua.

Some of the late prophet’s disciples were evicted from the church grounds as a result of the alleged brawl.

Who are Late TB Joshua’s disciples evicted?

Joshua was notable not only for his global influence, but also for the intensity with which he inculcated commitment and dedication in his disciples. In his office, they greeted him by kneeling at his feet and calling him “Daddy.”

They followed him on crusades and humanitarian missions around the world. In addition to strenuous church duties, they spent countless hours learning new hundreds of pages of his teachings, referred as Quotable Quotes, which they assumed to be the word of God. They were accommodated in the church complex’s dormitories.


Many of his global followers were from well-to-do, middle-class families. Some had severed ties with friends and family in order to follow TB Joshua, foregoing marriage, education, and career opportunities.

Most of his disciples came from various nations, with varied backgrounds and hearts..

The death of TB Joshua on June 5 2021 barely few days before his fifth-eighth birthday left the disciples distraught as it was a shocking event. However, they were at the center stage of his funeral. In particular, his disciples took the stage on the second day of TB Joshua’s funeral in Lagos. Over 60 disciples took time to introduce themselves by name and country of origin. They came from 18 different countries, including Nigeria, South Africa, Indonesia, Mexico, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Some appeared to be barely out of their teens, while others appeared to be in their late forties, having spent decades serving Joshua, the millionaire Nigerian pastor and self-proclaimed prophet who was being laid to rest.


By the second day of the five-day funeral celebration, it was clear that this was more than just a burial, but a declaration of intent. A blond American woman in her 30s was the last disciple to speak. “Daddy, we will defend your legacy, we will preserve your legacy,” she said. “A chapter in this incredible journey may have come to an end, but it is not, and never will be, the end. Prophet TB Joshua’s legacy lives on.”

The fight that led to eviction

Few days after Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua, the late founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), was given a fitting burial, glaringly obvious signs surfaced that some female disciples of the deceased Prophet have continued to pose impediments to Mrs. Evelyn Joshua’s (widow) opportunities of succeeding her late husband as the next General Overseer of the SCOAN.


An investigation by the Sunday Telegraph revealed that the women had been with the popular Prophet, televangelist, and philanthropist since they were young.

“Some of them, now in their sixties, fifties and forties therefore feel that they have put in a life-time service into the multi-billion Dollar ministry.

“They believe that, having sowed a better part of their youth into the growth of the mega ministry; they have equal chances if not better ground to take over the leadership of the church,” a reliable source in the SCOAN told New Telegraph correspondent off the record.

According to the source, the women have vowed to fight Mrs. Joshua for their contributions to the ministry’s growth, and possibly prevent her from succeeding her late husband. They made real their threats with flagrant disregard for her, smearing her with gossips and posed opposition to her instructions.


Anyone who opposes Mrs. Evelyn Joshua is making a mistake. No amount of opposition can prevent her from being the legitimate wife of the late Prophet. They must either cooperate with her or suffer the consequences of their transgressions.

People must understand that if they allow things to get out of hand, the church may be drawn into a series of lawsuits that will eventually benefit T.B Joshua’s family.

The church leadership squabble following the death of TB Joshua had resulted in the eviction of some of the late prophet’s disciples from the church grounds.

Alleged fraud by the disciples

According to reports, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission appeared to have invited twenty disciples of the Synagogue Church of All Nations for interrogation regarding alleged financial fraud and diversion of funds left by late Temitope Balogun Joshua.


“They have carried out huge fraud that has made many of them multi-millionaires since Baba’s death. Many of them are on the list of EFCC. They are up to 20. They seized the church immediately after the Prophet died in June and didn’t want his wife, Mrs. Evelyn Joshua, to be part of the church. They have made themself Overseers. They have established a governing council with some living in the prayer mountains. They went to the vault at night and used a Ghana-Must-Go bag to loot money. They also went to open the Emmanuel global network where they asked international partners to donate without the knowledge of Evelyn,” a source said to Guardian Nigeria in annonymity.


According to the source, the contact information on four of the late T.B Joshua’s mobile phones was erased weeks after his death by some of his disciples.

Following the forcible eviction of some disciples residing in the church over the weekend following Mrs. Evelyn’s election as Chairperson, Board of Trustees ( BOT), the church stated that it was in the process of securing major assets and conducting a comprehensive audit. Mrs. Evelyn was already appointed as a trustee of SCOAN by a Federal High Court in Lagos.


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