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I Was Screaming For Help But The Driver Locked The Doors So That No One Could Hear Me’- Lady Says

Taxis are thought to be a mode of transportation that most people choose to use because of its ease and comfort.

However, the majority of kidnappers now use this method to abduct people and then demand a ransom.

Around this time, a lot of criminals and ritualists come out looking for people to fall prey to their evil schemes. This article will inform you of some of the methods used by these criminals to persuade people to succumb to their evil wishes, as well as when you might consider fleeing.

When a passenger begins to say a sad tale, he will need to inform the driver and beg you to divert to a different route so that he can arrive at his destination sooner. Stop the driver as soon as possible and exit the vehicle.

This morning, a young lady used Instagram to share her story about what was going on between her sister and the Bolt Driver. In her post, the lady said that she and her sister had ordered a bus for today. They traveled from Ogba to Ojota. When she opened the Bolt app, she saw that N1,100 would roughly cover the cost of the flight.

She told me that she noticed the driver passing another busy lane as the journey began. She said she drew the driver’s attention and advised him to take a better and faster path.

According to her, the driver did not even react to her. When they arrived in the middle of the traffic, she informed the driver that the exact price she had seen in the app was an approximation of the amount she would pay if she didn’t have any more money.

The driver completed the journey and informed her that she owed N1,300 due to a minor traffic delay. They arrived at their intended place (Ojota Bustop). She insisted on telling him to leave earlier, but he refused to listen, so she agreed to pay the standard sum (1,100). So she offered him $1100, but the driver rejected it, and he locked all of the car’s doors to keep him from doing so.

As a result, they wouldn’t be able to escape.

She said they screamed in his car, but he did not respond. Fortunately for them, a LASTMA officer happened to be passing by at the time.

When the driver saw the cops, he opened the door, and her sisters jumped out, refusing to go. The lady said she was already in the car at the time, but her sister alerted the LASTMA immediately. Later, the driver came to a halt and attacked both of them. She said that the driver had reached both of them. She shared pictures of her swollen face to illustrate how the driver hit her and her sister before driving away.

Certain men in society treat women with absolute disdain, which is disturbing. Imagine what the driver would have done to them if the road wasn’t in the middle, just to save money. The lady pleaded with every good Nigerian to help her in her search for justice.

Please be cautious and vigilant about where we go and how we conduct ourselves while we are outside. We would not be unlucky!!!

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