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Why Are SE Govs Finding It Hard To Ban ESN Even Though The Government Is Against It? (Opinion)

The Eastern Security Network group which has been operating under the full command of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu seem to be gaining momentum lately in the whole of the South East states.

This very group which it’s sole aim is to protect the lives of the 5 Eastern states, has been operating in the country without the government’s go-ahead, as they now seem to be posing as a major challenge to the country.

However, under normal circumstances, it ought to be noted that the South East governors should have taken actions towards monitoring the activities of this very group but rather they have chosen to be silent over their activities.

Recall that the government is not in support of their operation as it has once been tagged a terrorist group. We all are aware of the airstrike which took place in Orlu, as this shows how the government is against their operation. However, amidst this whole situation their seem to be something ‘ridiculous’ about the operation of ESN in South East.

Here is exactly where my question comes in;

If the government is against the activities of ESN, why are the South East governors finding it hard to ban the group?

Could it be that they are afraid to do so, or that they are secretly in support of the ESN?


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