She Was My Seat Partner During ICAN Exams Before I Fell In Love With Her – Man

One of the amazing things about love is that you can find it anywhere without expecting it. One of the beautiful things about love is that it is limitless. There is nothing such as limits when it comes to finding the love of your life. Love can be found anywhere. Love can be found in the bar, school, restaurants, social media, party, with or without expecting, and many others. This is the love story of Uche and Nnamdi who went from seat partners to life partners.

According to bellanaijaweddings, Uche and Nnamdi met during professional ICAN exams. You all will agree with me that someone like him would not expect to find the love of his life during professional tough exams such as ICAN due to the pressure people go through when writing exams but this does not apply to love. Love is not a respecter of limits.

The lovebirds met during the ICAN exams. The man said that he didn’t know that he had left his wristwatch at home so he asked his seat partner who later become the ‘love of his life’ if she can share her wristwatich by putting it in the middle and she agreed to it. The man said that he got attracted to her immediately.

He thanked her for sharing the wristwatch after they finished the exams but he wants more. He wanted to request her number but he was scared that she might say no. So he summoned the courage to ask her knowing that she would either say no or yes. Luckily for him, the lady scribbled her number in his question paper before the invigilators asked them to leave. (See photos of the lovebirds below)

The man thanked God that he wrote the ICAN exams at that particular point in time if not, he wouldn’t have met the love of his life. Uche and Nnamdi went from seat partners in professional ICAN exams to life partners. What an amazing love story!.


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