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Second Lockdown: FG Reveals The Truth Behind The News on a Second Lockdown

Information has been going around concerning the government’s intention to go on a another lockdown due to the spread of the virus, COVID 19.

This has made Nigerians to start asking some questions and making queries. Some wants to know when the lockdown is probably going to take place while some are anxious on how to go about their daily activities when the lockdown begins.

The truth is that the COVID 19 virus is fast spreading unlike before, there’s equally an increased rate of mortality because there’s a high rate of infection in the country. Nevertheless, the Nigeria government has the interest of it’s citizens at heart and therefore won’t jeopardize with their life.

In an interview by the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA, yesterday, the government spokesman cautioned citizens to endeavour to keep to the safety guidelines as instructed by the NCDC and the presidential task force on COVID-19.

However, when asked about the certainty of another lockdown, the spokeman confirmed that the information going around is fake as the government is yet to have a discussion on that, neither did the government stated anything related to another lockdown.

He cleared the confusion on the trending lockdown threats being circulated all over social medias.

He therefore advised Nigerians to go about their businesses and vocations, having in mind that the virus still exists. Everyone should use their facemasks and an alcoholic based hand sanitizer for their safety. Also maintain social distance and don’t forget to wash your hands regularly with a soap and a runny water.

This therefore implies that any information spreading around concerning a second wave lockdown should be disregarded as it is a sort of manipulation and spread of fake information.

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