SECRETS SPILLED!! You Won’t Believe What These Stars Revealed About BBNAIJA After They Left The Show


The Big Brother reality TV show is one of the biggest of its kind in Africa.

The show promises and delivers premium entertainment and viewers have also been kept glued to their screens on every season.

The show just completed its sixth season and it seems most people cannot wait for the next season to begin.

From Big Brother Africa to BBNaija, viewers have definitely had their share of fun with the show turning out celebrities with each season.

Despite how successful the Big Brother reality TV show has been, there have been some serious controversies about the show.

Here is a look at some of the shocking things that have been said about the Big Brother reality TV show by some of its former housemates.

BBA Tayo Claims He Was Robbed Of Winning


In 2014, Tayo Faniran represented Nigeria in the ninth season of the Big Brother Africa reality TV show.

Tayo had been the runner up with Idris Sultan winning the prize money.

However, seven years later, Tayo has something to say about the show and it is not pleasant.

The reality TV star took to social media in October 2021 and in a series of posts accused the show’s organisers of cheating him and robbing him of the prize money.

Tayo in his posts claims that he’s been hearing that he was robbed and he has lived with the pain for the past 7 years.

He added that he now wants “proof” or “explanation” from the organisers of the show because he got information that he “got robbed”.

The BBA runner up said he couldn’t fight in the past because he was “shut up” but he now wants answers.

Tayo wrote, “To all those enemies of mine, the fake friends, the ones that came to my life to take from me even when I put them on and turned to spite me and ruin my name,(build alliances against me) you all can have a party tonight coz I failed (all thanks to humans) but I’m owning it. It’s left for God to not fail now.

“When I wake up, @mnettv @africamagic and @multichoice_group need to tell me what really happened to me on the finale /stage of BBA. I don’t want my career in the industry threatened, I just want proof and explanation because for the past 7 years, all I hear everyday was that I got robbed. My pain or loss tonight didn’t start today, but they are mentioned because since I’ve been shut up to fight back then.” (sic)

In another Instagram post, he said, “I was threatened to shut up, I have names and events, they bought the media to hide my real cry at my homecoming press conference and projected nonsense. The next morning on NTA, I started praising the same people that shot me in the foot because I was told that’s the only way for them not to make me forgotten.”

Efe Was Blacklisted After Winning BBNaija – Media Personality


In 2017, the BBNaija reality TV show saw Michael Ejeba, popularly known as Efe as its winner.

Efe went home with N25 Million Naira in addition to other prizes.

With many persons wondering what has become of Efe since the show ended, a media personality, Noble Igwe decided to shine some light on the possible reasons why Efe is not seemingly doing as well as other winners of the show.

In a post on Twitter, an avid Efe fan had called on organizers of Big Brother Naija, Multichoice to forgive Efe for whatever wrong he has done to them.

The fan would go on to allege that Efef gas even “apologized and tried to make amends” all to no avail. It was at this point that Noble interfered in the matter.

According to Noble, Efe had disrespected that boss of Multichoice by allegedly refusing to come out of a vehicle unless the CEO was waiting on him.

See below


In addition to this, in a new EP, #AgainstAllOdds, that was released recently, Efe revealed that some unnamed people wanted to use him, while deceiving him with fake love.

“Man no be God, dem for finish us. I win Big Brother, dem wan finish me…. I no gree make them use me, dem wan evil me…so when dem come with their fake love, e funny me… I dey do my best to put in all…I’m sorry to my fans wey be expecting more I dey promise to give you joy, make una no give up” Efe lyrically spat out.”

As more people began to raise eyebrows, Efe decided to set things straight.

In a press release, the music star said, “I was brought up in a family and society where respect to a fellow human is highly valued and respect to elders is unquestionable. Unnecessary ego-boosting, protocols, or feeling too much importance have never been attractive to me given my humble background.

“Therefore it is unimaginable for someone to conceive such character from me as a person and create a scenario that never existed. Hence I am clearly stating that the instance (scenario) asserted that is making rounds in the media and public is false and never happened or occurred. This is news to me as it is to you,” he wrote.

Efe also noted that he has no issues with Multichoice Nigeria as they have a cordial relationship and are one family.

“Let me take this opportunity to thank Multichoice Nigeria as an organisation, and her members of staff once again for giving me the platform to showcase my talent as a music artist,” he said. “I don’t take the platform for granted. It is a well-cherished investment,” the rapper added.

On his absence from the spotlight, Efe called on his fans who have been anticipating his performance on the show to exercise patience.

He further expressed confidence in a possible collaboration with the organisation in the future.

Tacha Questions Votes Used To Determine Winners Of The Show


In September 2020, another former housemate of BBNaija, Tacha shocked viewers of the show.

At the time, the 2020 lockdown season of BBNaija was on and fans had called on Tacha to solicit votes for housemates on the show.

However, Tacha who was disqualified from the BBNaija ‘Double Wahala’ season threw shades at organisers of the show.

Tacha called out those tagging and sending messages to vote for Lockdown housemates up for eviction.

According to the BBNaija 2019 housemate, people need to stop asking her to vote.

In a video shared on Instagram, Tacha was heard saying “Stop texting me to vote for your favorite housemate, like your vote counts anyway.

“Nigerians you would never learn, does your vote count. So please let me be.”

Tacha had a huge fan-base while on the reality show but got disqualified after she got into a fight with the winner of BBNaija 2019 Mercy Eke.

BBNaija Is Satanic & Should Be Shut Down – Gifty


In what seems like the most shocking of them all, a former housemate of the reality TV show called for it to be shutdown.

According to the Big Brother Naija 2017 housemate, Gifty Powers the reality TV show is demonic and called for the complete shut down of the show.

The “See Gobe” housemate, noted that the show is keeping youths in an unhealthy competition with one another.

Taking to her Instagram story, Gifty Powers wrote;


“Well, you can choose to believe me or not. What I have seen, is something my mouth no fit carry. Everyone and their cross. I’ve said my own. The ball is in your court. Bye!

“Ps: just in case you start to abuse your generation, know you’re starting with your mother indirectly. Number 1 thing the devil does is to manipulate the weak. So congrats on, you are one.”


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