Secrets About Wedding Nights That Nobody Will Tell You

On a wedding night, first touch is not only limited to physical contact, but also to emotional and spiritual contact. It is believed that at this point, two bodies combine into one life, paving the way for a prosperous future. It is also said that the base should be very solid so that the ups and downs of time do not destroy the relationship. Couples must understand each other on the first night of their relationship. After marriage, many couples choose to go somewhere outside, such as a mountainous area or a private place, in order to get to know each other better.

If you are unable to become your new bride’s true life partner, you will be unable to become a partner in bed, and your bride will begin to regard you as a poor and lustful person, thus seeing herself as a scapegoat. As a consequence, the first moments of meeting are incredibly important in life. If a man is unable to contain himself in the face of his rude actions, his wedding night will sadly turn into night.

Girls today are well informed and appreciate the present state of the society. As a result, every girl holds a happy image of her married life in her heart and desires her husband to be the same. If the husband is effective in winning the heart of his new wife, then his marital life has officially begun.

It is said that on first night, the husband must never be reckless in terms of sexual intercourse, but rather praise any item such as appearance, color, eyes, lips, nose, face texture, and clothing, among other things. Do not compliment the appearance and attributes of any other girl or woman beside your new bride since it will affect her and she will be unable to accept you completely. Next, subdue your wife’s mind and keep yourself under control to a certain degree. Once she has fallen in love with you as a lover and a good man, she will give you her complete and undivided attention. For the new wife, the first time intercourse is uncomfortable, so take care of her pains first and work slowly to eliminate her reluctance.


In my view, no alcohol or drugs should be taken on their wedding night, as this could have a negative influence on their future married life. This night only comes once in a lifetime, and women and men will tie the memories of it in a knot for the rest of their lives. Some misguided people claim that having blood coming from the bride’s vaginal on the first night is a symbol of the bride’s character. This is not correct; their ideas are completely incorrect.

Since some girls do have tight and strong vaginal membranes, while some have very thin and soft membranes that can burst as a result of childhood injuries such as participating in athletics, getting on and off buses and trains, and doing a rapid jerk, etc. There may be no question of blood coming from the girl’s vaginal as a result of the vaginal membranes being ruptured prior to sex. So, in the absence of blood, don’t cast aspersions on the character of your new wife and start reacting to her somehow. Otherwise, your married life may become a blaze of sorrows, and your whole life would be destroyed.

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