SEE 2 Things Igbo Youths Should Note As Police Makes Important Announcement Concerning Anambra Election


The election of the State of Anambra is scheduled to take place on 6 November 2021, and the Nigerian police force and other security personnel have shown that they are willing to make the elections peaceful in the region.

From my point of view, I believe that the recent announcement made by the Nigerian police should be brought to the attention of all youth in the region of Igbos.


Two major things Igbo youth should note about this:

Don’ t Use Insecurity As A Reason Not To Vote

The only way we can decide which leader we want is by voting. You won’ t stay at home waiting for your leader of choice to win the election in the state.


Most youths in the country still use insecurity as an excuse to refrain from voting during the election period, but I believe that this police statement should encourage all young people to take part in this voting exercise in the state.

The Nigerian police revealed that there will be no place for insecurity in excess of thirty thousand (30, 000) police officers and three police helicopters will be deployed across the state region.


With those police officers on the move, I think it’ s going to be a peaceful election.

Don’ t Be Deceived By Any Politicians

Youth should not let politicians or anyone else mislead them during this election in the state.

The Nigerian police have declared that they will not neglect anybody who tries to wreak havoc during the election campaign in the state. Don’ t attempt to snatch ballot boxes.


Don’ t you dare do something funny because you will end up being victimized by security agencies.

Below are some reactions from Nigerians:

” No no no, it won’ t be enough Nah haba better close the whole barracks for Anambra state election abi na by force to vote”

” If you love ur life Kuku dey ur house that day oo i No get Strength to come dey type R. i. p for person Wey go die of Accidental discharge that day cos that has Always been their language”


” You tried a lot Mr I G The numbers of security operatives you deployed to the Anambara state of NIGERIA is enough to conquer the banditry, unknown, gunmen, insurgency, Boko Haram, and Soo on in Nigeria, you people are just postponing the evil days ahead upon this NATION if such number can be deployed cos of a state election, Mr I G, where is democracy again in the land, na wah oooooooo. ”

” Election no be war. leave men to vote in peace without intimidation. Waiting concerned me, . Me I go lock my self inside my house, come and carry me, Abi to vote na by force? ”

” I dont believe that election nah war in Nigeria pls my people which life is this because of election 34, 587 police man hmmmmm Nigeria shameless”


” Ha, when we say safety belongs to God some say that we are too religious.

If police packed all this force go Anambra who will now secure all the battle zone for north- east and North- west? ”

” See the way they carry Anambra election for head, anything Igbo is giving them headache instead of facing Boko Haram, bandits and kidnappers”

” if they like or not no election for Aambra state no be by force to vote”

” But dem no fit deploy the same number of policemen inside forest to fight bandits, na only for election dem Sabi flex muscle 💪”



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