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See 3 Things ‘Oduduwa Republic’ Will Lose If They Opt Out Of ‘One Nigeria’.

The agitation for a sovereign nation by the Southwestern region is gaining more supporters by the day. This cause led by popular Yoruba activist, Sunday Adeyemo AKA Sunday Igboho is becoming serious – pictures of ‘Oduduwa Rebublic’ currency and map has flooded the internet causing fuss.

However, the ‘Yoruba nation’ will be at the losing end if they eventually opt out of ‘One Nigeria’. This article will be sharing 3 things they will lose if their agitation comes to reality.

(1) Food and Meat supply.

Most of the food and meat consumed in the country is supplied from the north.

Though Yoruba people practice agriculture, the food produced in their region won’t be able to cater for their teeming population – they will have to import staple food like yam, rice etc which will be of detriment to their economy.

(2) Crude oil supply.

Crude oil is currently the country’s major resources, mined in the South south region.

If the Southwest should opt out of ‘One Nigeria’, there will be scarcity of petrol products in the ‘Yoruba nation’ making life unbearable for it’s citizens.

(3) Military protection.

Nigeria’s military is no doubt a force to reckon with in Africa as they usually participate in peacekeeping missions across the continent.

If the ‘Yoruba nation’ should break out of Nigeria, there will no more enjoy the military protection thereby making their territory porous to attacks.

For their agitation to become reality they might need to engage the ‘Giant of Africa’ in a war which will lead to the loss of lives and properties on the ‘Oduduwa Republic’ side.

Yoruba people supporting Sunday Igboho should learn from the Nigerian civil war, where the leader of the Biafran movement, Odumegwu Ojukwu fled the country leaving his followers in dismay. Note that if worst comes to worst, Sunday Igboho might flee the country too, leaving his disciples to their fate.

Do you think the ‘Yoruba nation’ can survive without Nigeria?

Share your thoughts with us and share this article.

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