SEE 4 Notables Igbo- Born Actors But All Chose To Be Active In The Yoruba Movie Industry


The film industry in Nigeria known as Nollywood is very extensive and suitable for all Nigerians from different tribes. However, Nollywood also has its own sectors including the Yoruba film industry, the Igbo film industry and the British film industry.

The Yoruba film industry has shown itself ready for all the tribes in Nigeria to showcase their talents. We have the Igbo people, the Edos and many other tribes in Nigeria who have been welcomed with open arms by the Yoruba film industry. Then we’ ll talk about four Igbo- born actors who are causing a stir in the Yoruba industry;

  1. Kelvin Ikeduba


Famous Nollywood actor Kelvin Ikeduba is one of the talented actors in the Yoruba industry. The 2014 Cross Actor Award- winning actor is one of the greatest actors to ever grace the Yoruba film industry. By his name, it is known that Kelvin is not of the Yoruba tribe but an Igbo. According to research, the actor was originally from the Igbo tribe in Delta state, but was born and raised in Lagos, Ebutte Metta, where the Yoruba language is widely spoken.

Despite the competitiveness in the Yoruba industry, the popular actor chose to pursue his career in the Yoruba film industry and starred in many Yoruba films which are all highly Recognized.

Kelvin Ikeduba is one of the best Yoruba actors and he will always be known for his undisputable talent.

  1. Regina Chukwu:


Nollywood actress Regina Chukwu is one of the beautiful actresses in Nigeria with extensive experience in the Yoruba industry. The beautiful mother of two began her career for more than a decade working primarily in the Yoruba film industry. Regina Chukwu is not from the Yoruba tribe as she is from Enugu, an Igbo state, but she grew up in Lagos. According to the famous actress, she prefers to act in the Yoruba film industry because she is more welcoming than other areas of the Nollywood industry. Regina Chukwu is one of the famous actresses in Nigeria and speaks Yoruba even better than her native language, Igbo. She is also well known as someone who interprets roles greatly and a talented type.

  1. Nkechi blessing;


Beautiful actress, Nkechi Blessing is one of the famous figures in the Yoruba industry. The beautiful actress has a talent curve and has a lot of experience as an actress. The famous actress, Nkechi Blessing, is from Abia state but also grew up in Lagos state. Nkechi decided to choose the Yoruba film industry as his area of talent development in the Nollywood industry. The beautiful actress speaks Yoruba very well, which makes many people think that she is a native of the Yoruba tribe due to how great she is when acting and how greatly she speaks Yoruba.

  1. Rosa Odika;


Nollywood veteran actress Rose Odika is one of the famous Yoruba actresses in the Nollywood industry. The beauty who started acting in 1989 has appeared in many Yoruba films despite coming from another tribe. Rose Odika is originally from the Delta state but has dominated the Yoruba film scene. The beautiful woman who became Oyo state TAMPAN president in 2019 has more than 30 years of industry experience. According to her, the Yoruba film industry brought her recognition and her breakthrough in the Nollywood industry and the Igbo industry never offered her to work in their industry.

The beautiful woman will forever remains one of the best actresses in the Yoruba movie industry due to her Great Talent.

These are just a few of the many famous actors from different tribes such as the Igbo who have chosen to trade in the Yoruba film industry.

In fact, the Yoruba film industry is the friendliest part of the Nollywood industry and that’ s one of the reasons why is regarded as one of the best entertainment industries.


We can all see that they were all enjoying themselves and they never regret their decisions for choosing Yoruba movie industry as their stays.

They will forever be good and continued to enjoy themselves because they’ ve made a right decision.

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