See The 5 Types Of 'JUJU' Sunday Igboho Relies On, No 4 Is Deadly - Mc Ebisco See The 5 Types Of 'JUJU' Sunday Igboho Relies On, No 4 Is Deadly - Mc Ebisco
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See The 5 Types Of ‘JUJU’ Sunday Igboho Relies On, No 4 Is Deadly

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Sunday Igboho is not just an ordinary human being, he possesses spiritual powers which helps him to surmount any danger that confronts him.

He reportedly inherited the spiritual powers known as juju in the local parlance from his grandfather. He lived with the man at some point in his life.

This special powers of Igboho have helped him in fighting in the Ife-Modakeke war as well as the political violence in Oyo State during the times of Lamidi Adedibu.

Below are some of the special powers of Sunday Igboho which make him invincible:

1. Igboya (Bravery)

With this, Igboho fears no soul. He confronts his enemies in frontal fashion and takes them down. The day a man conquers his fear, is the day he conquers the world because our fears are our limitations.

2. Odeshi (bulletproof)

No bullet can penetrate the body of Igboho. He will shake it off like a stain on his body. The vest he wears under his shirts is not a normal bulletproof, it is a powerful charm that makes him indestructible.

3. Eru (Fear)

Whenever Igboho steps into the territory of his enemies, they easily panic as if a disaster is about to happen. Some of them take to their heels and abandon their combat strategies. This is because of the ‘spirit of fear’ that moves around him on the war front. It occupies the hearts of his adversaries and they tremble.

4. Commanding guns:

You will never see Igboho moving around town with guns or dangerous weapons. This makes his enemies easily underrate him. But if attacked, he has the uncanny power to command a gun out of nowhere, use it and then make it disappear. No living Yoruba man has been able to exhibit this power.

5. Ofe (Disappearing charm):

Igboho isn’t really known to appear and disappear during battle. But his ability to wiggle out of very tight and difficult situations are on record. His attackers suddenly lose their sight spiritually and their target Igboho walks free.

These are some of the powerful charms that give Igboho confidence and these are the reasons why he is more feared by the Fulani herdsmen than the current pandemic.

What have you heard about Igboho? Have you had any personal encounter with the Yoruba activist? You can share with us in the comment section and let us hear your story.


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