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See What Aisha Yesufu Said About Politics That Got People Talking

Nigerian Activist Aisha Yesufu comments on what politics means and what politics is all about.

In a statement issued by Aisha Yesufu, she said that politics includes solutions to the problem, adding that politics is not about emotions.

Aisha Yesufu added that politics consists of focusing on ambition and having the courage to work with friends and foes to achieve the desired goals.

Mrs. Yesufu added that young people think that politics consists of taking things in stride and hating each other.

Aisha Yesufu took to her Twitter account to say; ” Politics is about pragmatism!

Politics is not about emotions

Politics is about focusing on the goal and having the capacity to work with friends and foes towards a shared goal.

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The youth think it is about carrying bitterness and bile and hating each other.

It is not a love affair ”

Shortly afterward, Nigerians reacted to her statement by saying that if you want to be a candidate, it’ s why I have outlined to a leader who understands political work.

He added that a leader who will stand up for the truth and ensure that every citizen’ s rights are protected and stand up for the aspirations of the future.

According to him; ” To be candid isn’ t this the reason why I clarify for a leader who understands the act of politics. #StandRight and HE will ensure our collective right is dutifully protected. HE will stand aside for the future to take hold. ”

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Another says that politics is a game of passion and that politics is a hidden crime.

According to his saying; ” Politics is a game of interest

Politics is criminality in disguise ”

Someone said that politics is not a matter of love, adding that it is the main reason why there is no enemy in politics.

He added that we should be more careful about our general interests than our personal needs.

He wrote; ” Politics is not a love affair. That’ s why there’ s no enemy in politics. We need to care more about our collective interests than personal interests. ”

A Twitter user says they have suspended former US President Donald Trump but he has not shut down Twitter despite failing to win an election with his party.

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He added that the party that suspended Twitter thought they will win the election.

According to his saying; ” They suspend Trump him no Twitter, yet him no win election, even him party no win. How come party wey come ban Twitter go kon win election? They no suppose see the green light sef. ”

Another said that Aisha Yesufu’ s statement was correct but the citizens must understand it and we will be good at it.

According to him; ” Right on target. If only we understand this then our nation will be good for it. “


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