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See All The Times Nigerian Singer, Seyi Shay Has Disgraced Herself In Public


Nigerian singer Seyi Shay is by far one of the most eclectic, fashion-forward, and sometimes controversial styles in Nigerian entertainment today. From her music videos to her red carpet appearances, Seyi Shay has rocked a number of really out-there outfits. Outfits that have caused gasps, shock, and wonder. With all those outfits worn, it’s impossible for Seyi not to have had any mishaps over the years. Going through her archives, Seyi has really had some spectacular looks over the years, but she has also had some oops! moments.

This Sheer Dress

You’ll see pretty soon that sheer dresses are something that Seyi Shay clearly really likes. But in one photo when the singer was out and abut, fans and colleagues alike couldn’t help but notice that the outfit Seyi was wearing was a little too sheer. In fact, her entire back and bum was on full display.


The look was so surprising that even OAP Toolz had to comment on the picture saying: Seyi is that your booty I see? Why didn’t you wear shimmy??


The picture trended far and wide and that picture still haunts Seyi till this day.

  1. Her Presidential Visit Look


Like another female celebrity actress Omoni Oboli, Seyi Shay too was slammed by Nigerians after pictures of her outfit to the ‘Meet the President’ event surfaced online. People accused Seyi of trying to seduce the president with her outfit. Seyi said in response:

I am a very respectable young lady and I was not in any way trying to seduce the President with the outfit I wore. I had two outfits for the event, one was for my performance and the other was worn after I performed. The dress I was pictured in with the President was what I wore during my performance. I came on stage and greeted everyone according to their culture and I did the same for Mr. President. He was impressed and he asked where and how I knew how to greet in his native dialect and I said I learnt it. That was what brought about the giggling and smiles in the picture. I’m a performer and what I do on stage doesn’t reflect my everyday life. I had two outfits on that day and it was a youth event. Who wouldn’t feel overwhelmed meeting the President? Well, I did and I felt honoured because it is not every day you get to meet the president of your country.

  1. Her Leggings in Black


Remember how I stated Seyi enjoys wearing sheer clothing? It was clear once more when she resorted to social media to publish photos of herself working out in what appeared to be a typical gym clothing. But then, in one of the photos, Seyi Shay is seen in the middle of a squat, and whoever snapped the photo of her must have been up up and personal because Seyi’s entire behind is revealed. Fans were quick to respond, slamming the artist in the comments for uploading such inappropriate stuff.


4 Her Slashed Gown.


When a photo of Seyi Shay wearing this costume with slits in her robe exposing her legs and side surfaced on the internet, fans were divided. While some people thought the costume was perfectly fine, others thought it was overly provocative and unneeded.

  1. In 2014, Channel O


Seyi Shay’s spectacular entrance to the 2014 Channel O Music Awards sparked a lot of discussion and controversy, and it was by far her most criticised dress. The appearance was called as “too much,” “too exposing,” and “indecent,” among other things. In fact, Charles Novia, a colleague in the industry, was so offended by the outfit that he said:

She said she wanted to commit murder, and she was dressed like that? Her request was granted. Ingredients and nonsense For a lame career, lame thinking is required. Allow your gift to speak for you at all times; if you don’t have it, no one can make you embrace it.

You create a’sweetheart brand’ that competes visibly with a better competitor, then deviate off…

To be honest, the image of the Bad Girl/Boy never works. The nutty fringe crowd pushes you forward, and then they go on to the next one. You, the Bad Girl/Boy, will become limp and sluggish. You’ve become ineffective under the current system. That’s the way it works. That’s all there is to it.

To be on top, Yemi Alade, Asa, Omawunmi, and Waje didn’t have to be near naked. They were chosen based on their TALENT. Commendable. Allow your talent to speak for itself at all times. Nothing can force somebody to accept it if you don’t have it. This industry survives on talent rather than resources.

While some agreed with him and others disagreed, Seyi appeared unfazed by his statements, later saying:

I read certain things about myself today, and I believe that people should place a greater emphasis on themselves than on others. Perhaps he was having a bad day.

Clearly, Seyi Shay doesn’t care what other people think of her clothing. We can still talk about them.


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