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See The Amount That Is Paid As School Fees At Deeper Life High School

Deeper life high school is owned by pastor Kumuyi, and it has been in the news lately for one or two reasons and this has got people digging to actually find out how much students in that school pay as school fees, because people expect it to be pocket friendly as per it ownership by a church. And this information is easily available on the website of the school.

But before we go into the school fees details let’s look at how the school was created. Deeper life high school was established in 2010 as the brain child of Pastor Kumuyi, the school first started with seven campuses in 2010 and has since grown to 21 campuses across the country plus their campus at Abuja. As it stands Deeper life high school now has at least a campus in the north, east, west and southern part of Nigeria, and judging by the number of campuses they now have, the school might be happen to be one of the biggest schools in Nigeria.

The objective of the school is to approach the education of the youths in this country in a dynamic way and to give their students the a kind of education the will guarantee that they have a sound future and better hope for the nation. The vision of the school is to produce students that will be morally upright, academically grounded and sufficiently equipped as the leaders of tomorrow.

With the little information above it shows that the school has great plans for it’s students and also for their future coupled with guiding them through their spiritual journey in life.

As seen on the website of the school, it shows that the school fees paid in this school is quite reasonable, though the information available is only for new entry students, that is for students looking to get into JSS 1. As available in the images below you would discover that the sum total expected to be paid by students in the first term is 415,000 and for the second term is 230,000 and the third term fees is also 230,000 which eventually runs into 875,000 per session. But people came out to defend the school saying that the 875,000 Is only for new entry students, that the amount paid by other classes is 230,000 per term, making it 690,000 for a session for the other students.

When people saw these fees when it was posted online they began to compare it with the amount that will be paid in Anchor University which is also owned by Deeper life church. Were they wondered if the fees for a secondary school is of this amount then how much will be paid in their higher institution.

Pastor Kumuyi is a well respected man of God and I am quite sure that all he wants is the best for the students of Deeper life high school.

See the school fees gotten from the schools website below.


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