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See What Angry Mobs Did To A Car That Ran Into An Old Lady On Her Way Home From Farm

Life is all about not knowing what is going to happen nest, despite that no one is expecting death to visit them soon not even the old ones among us.

Few days after it was reported that a man who had an accident was caught with bullets in oghara (where I reside), I witnessed the destruction of a red Corolla by an angry mob beside Western Delta University College of Law campus along Otefe Road.

After a few dialog with some persons they said the car belong to a yahoo boy who was driving on a high speed with his friend, unfortunately for them they ran into an old woman who was returning from her fan. He was rushed immediately to a hospital where they confirmed her dead which lead to the destruction of the vehicle.

The angry mobs blocked the road with bikes and was asking everyone to reverse their cars, bikes and tricycle (Keke) back.

It’s so sad that the woman lost her life in such a painful way and none of the boys where caught. This is the second accident which have happened along the same road this year. The first one happened few weeks back, a car which also belong to a yahoo ran into a house and killed a mother and her child.

Travelling across this road have become scary simply because it’s a single lane, its sharp bend and high speed of driving by boys. The People of oghara will appreciate if the government will intervene in this issue and find a way to strategies plans to avoid similar accidents from occurring.

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