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See What Awise Ogboni Said About Sunday Igboho After Chief Kayode’s Son Called Him An “illiterate”

His Royal Majesty Awise Ogboni of Ondo, from the Ifedore Local Government Area of the state of Ondo. He is now a full-fledged associate of the Ogboni Aborigine Confraternity and a title holder. Awise Ogboni, in a viral video, calls out Chief Kayode’s son, who said in a recent interview that the famous Yoruba Activist is illiterate and unfit to be the Yoruba race’s spokesperson.

Here’s what Awise Ogboni had to say in the video:

What bothers me is what I want to write about, which is the Yoruba people. Among our boys, I’ve seen traitors, slackers, and even criminals. Consider Chief Kayode’s son referring to Chief Sunday Igboho as a complete illiterate. This is how we Yorubas deceive one another. How do you openly label your fellow Yorubas illiterate? Few of us have taken it upon ourselves to find an answer to the current events in Yoruba territory.

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I’ve attended a number of meetings with other traditional rulers in order for Yoruba citizens to have the rights and protection that they want. I’m not a lawmaker, and I don’t even have a voter registration pass, but the issue of Yoruba citizens living comfortably and safely in their own country, free from fear of being murdered or abducted, is a big concern of mine, and I’ve been working diligently to achieve it recently. But when I saw the video where some Yoruba among us, who I’m sure have gathered capital to sabotage us, are now calling the only man defending Yoruba land a stark illiterate, I thought it was uncalled for.

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Sunday Igboho is putting his life on the line to save Yoruba interests. The freedom to remain in their own country without fear of kidnapping or murder. About the fact that some Yoruba people have the audacity to say in an interview that Sunday Igboho cannot talk for the Yoruba race because he is illiterate and unfit to be our spokesman, some Yoruba people have the audacity to say in an interview that he cannot speak for the Yoruba race because he is illiterate and unfit to be our spokesman.

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Many of the land’s elders and traditional rulers who back Sunday Igboho are not fools; they know what they’re doing, which is why they’ve thrown their support behind him. Sunday Igboho is not a scumbag; he is a real son of the land, which is why he is standing up for his citizens. I’m not speaking for him; I’m a big guy, but I admire people like Sunday Igboho who struggle for other people’s rights.

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