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See The Bad Thing Police Did To Mr Macaroni And EndSARS Protesters (Watch Video)

It is no more news that the popular comedian, Mr Macaroni has been arrested while protesting at the Lekki toll gate plaza in Lagos State.

He was nabbed alongside about 30 other EndSARS protesters who are objecting to the reopening of the toll gate for commercial purpose. Recall that EndSARS protesters were reportedly shot at the scene by Nigerian soldiers on the 20th of October, 2020, and the case is still under litigation.

Macaroni was stripped of his clothes alongside other protesters and cramped up in a small vehicle.

Some of them were handcuffed, while the majority of them were covered in sweats as they struggled to breathe. Macaroni seemed to be in a bad shape as he struggled to talk.

Rumours have it that they have been taken to a nearby prison in the state.

Watch a video of the incident below:


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