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See How These Deadly Armed Robbers Cried And Begged Immediately They Heard The Will Be Killed

This article is to simply show you the faces of some deadly and notorious armed robbers who shaded tears immediately they heard they were going to be killed.

The first picture above, is a picture of a notorious armed robbery gang who were arrested during a bank robbery in the state. This group of armed robbers have been terrorising the people of the state for a very long time, but it was the end of the road for them when they police authorities got an intelligent information about their robbery activities and attacked them outrightly.


They were arrested and paraded at the state police headquarters.

So many items were Recovered from them at the point of their arrest, the most surprising thing is that the was a woman among their gang who also cried out bitterly begging for forgiveness from the police.

They armed robbery gang were seen crying and begging the police when the police commissioner ordered that the should be persecuted.


Another group of robbery gang are the ones seen in the picture above, they were also arrested by the police when they went for a robbery operation in the state.

They robbery gang were paraded with guns, foreign pistol and so many other incriminating items.

They were paraded at the state police headquarters and after series of interrogations it was discovered that this men were guilty as charged.

They were spotted shading tears immediately the heard the will be killed.

The man above committed a crime that he deserved to be killed even without been told.

He is a notorious armed robber that has made life unbearable for the people of the state.

He cried bitterly immediately he heard he will be killed.

The notorious armed robber cried with all his heart but did not stop the police from their investigations.

The question is why are they crying when they no that they are guilty of all the charges leveled against them.

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