See how Diesel Truck Fell Down On Vehicle in Ibadan

This is a report coming directly from a source who is living in Ibadan. A diesel tanker truck accidentally capsized over a vehicle on the highway at Challenge, close to the roundabout.

It was reported that the accident happened in the early hours of Friday, the 4th of December. The accident has resulted in a roadblock, as many motorists moving towards Ringroad and Dugbe area had no other option than to ply a different route.

There are suspected dangers that the accident may result in an explosion because the diesel in the tank of the truck is already spilling on the road.

The real cause of the accident has not been ascertained yet, but there are reports that no life was lost in the deadly incidence.

Challenge is a major road in Ibadan that links several roads for motorists that are travelling to any part of the nation, if they need to pass through Ibadan to their destination, they must certainly pass through Challenge.

This will result in a very disturbing traffic jam within the challenge metropolis, and as a matter of fact, today is Friday, a day when road traffic is very high.

Firefighters and Road Safety officials in Ibadan had already gotten to the place, no life was lost, but several people were injured, and have been rushed to the hospital.

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