If You See Or Eat Okra In A Dream, This Is What It Means

Seeing the Okra in a dream refers to difficulties, joy, and improvements in work , school, or family.

Collecting the okra in your dream means that as long as you prove yourself in business life, you will be valued in every community and you will be at the top of the agenda. Besides, in your school life, you’re not supposed to be unnatural to your friends, and you should be acting like yourself.

Dreaming that you cook the okra means that you will forgive the people you have hurt before, so the darkness in your heart will vanish.

Eating the okra in your dream is about positive things. You ‘re going to be fantastic at all things by meeting your own obligations.

Cleaning up the Okra in your dream means that you’ll have a lot of money soon, and then family elders will use the money for goodness. Your abundance will increase in your house.

Having the buying of an okra in your vision means that your demands in your mind and heart will happen when least anticipated.

Seeing the sale of the okra in your vision means that you will remember the people that are with you and will continue to be with you through all your poor states. So your life is going to be better.

To throw out the okra in a dream refers to health problems within the family, but these problems will be overcome in time.

Seeing the seed of the okra in your dream means that a person will be part of your family.

Drying an okra or seeing a dried okra in your dream suggests that one of your family members may have a change of city related to marriage, work, or education. This transition would have a positive effect on the family.

The dream that the okra is fresh in your vision refers to the joy you ‘re going to have with your friends, the good news you ‘re going to hear.

Seeing a rotten okra in your dream means that you should keep your distance from people.


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