See What Was Found On These 2 Armed Robbers After They Were Arrested In Oshogbo

All days for the thief and one day for the owner. This is the case of the two suspected armed robbers that were caught in Oshogbo state. The incident happened at Mallam junction in Oshogbo. The incident that led to their arrest wasn’t the first time. But they were finally arrested yesterday which was Friday. According to the report received, pistols and a lot of charms were found on them.

The suspects, Samson Olamilekan, 25 and Kazeem Olaide, 22, were arrested at Mallam Tope area in Osogbo. Despite all the charms they had on them, they were eventually caught. The morning that they were arrested, they already robbed a lady of her money. According to the report, the money was worth about ten thousand naira. While they were about operating again, the police came to the scene and they were arrested.

No matter what you do, so far it’s illegal, it’s only a matter of time before one would be caught. These people are armed robbers and to top it all, they had charms to support what they were doing. Still they were caught. They should be well punished and they should be use as scapegoat for others who are into it.


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