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See What Fulani Bandits Finally Said Buhari Should Do For Them If He Wants Peace To Reign In Nigeria

The insecurity challenges in Nigeria is really hypertensive and worrisomely frightening looking into the tremendous efforts which Federal Government have applied to tackle all the insecurity issues across the Country.

Without iota of doubt, we can definitely and firmly reiterate that the souls lost as a result of banditry and kidnapping in this country has a morethan millions. Thousands of citizens can not sleep and carry out their daily chores with peace of mind knowing about the fact that, bandit can storm into their village kill and abduct their woman.

Meanwhile, amidst all these atrocities, Fulan Herdsman that turned to bandits have finally said what they want Buhari to do if he wants peace to reign in Nigeria.

According to Sahara reporters, Bandits have finally said that Buhari Should personally negotiate with the as long as he want peace to reign in Nigeria.

Shaikh Ahmed Gumi made mention that Fulani herdsmen are peaceful people and they only kidnap people to collect ransom not to kill people as how many people think. Additionally, he made mention that they kill only few people in Nigeria which is also accidentally happened.

Shaikh Ahmed Gumi has discovered that while rallying to preach and ask Fulan Herdsman to surrender to the Government.

Few minutes after Sahara reporters broadcasted that fulani herdsmen demanded president Buhari to Personally Negotiate with them, many Nigerians shared out their views and Opinions related to political atmosphere of this country.

Above are the views and opinions of many Nigerians shared in social media platforms. Do you think negotiation with bandits is the appropriate and effective remedy for Nigerian insecurity?


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