See What This Girl Who Is Into Girls Told Her Boyfriend That Set Social Media On Fire

This is a viral Whatsapp conversation of a Nigerian lady revealing to her boyfriend for the first time that she’s into girls but still wants to keep dating him together with her female partner because she loves them both and doesn’t want to lose them.

The chat starts with the lady chatting up her man, saying she needs to tell him ‘something important.’ The boyfriend then tries to inquires if there was any problem.

At first, the lady admits she was finding it hard to open up to him, but still summoned the courage to reveal her big secret. She told her man that she is into girls and has a female partner named Jennifer.

She also went on to say she loves them both and don’t want to lose any of them. It’s unclear how the boyfriend reacted to his woman having a female partner as the viral chat didn’t reveal his reply.


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