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‘See What Grand P Went Through To Look Handsome For His Woman

Grand P, the Guinean artist who is head over heels in love with his Ivorian lover, Eudoxie Yao, will stop at nothing to ensure that he continues to love his partner. The former Guinean presidential candidate is so head over heels in love with Eudoxie that the two of them post pictures of themselves together on social media. On Eudoxie Yao’s Instagram page, she frequently refers to Grand P as her husband, implying that she has made the decision to marry him in real life.

Grand P, on the other hand, is now putting forth every effort to appear attractive for his lover. You are well aware that when you look good, your woman will always crave for you and love you even more than she already does. Grand P has done something to his face in order to ensure that he appears presentable for her. Listed below is the post he made to that effect on his official Facebook page:

The passion that exists between these two lovers is almost too much to bear. It is truly enviable that both of them have such a strong attraction to each other. What are your thoughts? Please spread the word.

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