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See What Happened To An Armed Robber That Brought Out a Gun To Rob People In a Broad Daylight

December has reached, everyone needs to be careful and be guided now more than ever, as robbers are out and robs at any time of the day. A video is circulating social media today, in the viral video below, a man who came to rob ended up running. At first, he pretended to be on a call while waiting for the right time to pull out his gun to rob, he was oblivious of the the man on top of a truck off loading the filled with gas cylinders.

After he pulled out the gun, the guy inside truck threw a big gas cylinder on the head of the armed robber accurately, the robber fell down, managed to get up and started running. People around went after him as he will obviously slow down, see the funny video of a robbery gone wrong below.

After this video was posted by Tunde Ednut, many Instagram users reacted on this with so much gladness, see some screenshots of those funny comments below.

What are your thoughts on what happened to the armed robber?

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