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See What This Hausa Man Posted About Hausa Girls That Got People Talking

Social media has become an important tool for sharing opinions. People now use social media sites to express their opinions about issues that are around them or relates to them.

One Hausa man on twitter gave his honest opinion about Hausa girls nowadays. He claimed that nowadays Hausa girls wants a long lasting relationship like their mothers, but they would spend their time on social media pretending to be black Americans rather than learn how to prepare a better meal for their husbands.

He wrote:

Hausa girls want a lasting relationship like that of their mothers, but they would rather spend their days on Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok pretending to be black Americans than learn how to cook a proper meal that would keep their husbands happy.

Issues brought to the public table are subjected to different opinions. Many people have reacted to this, some totally agree with him, while others went contrary to his opinion.

See some reactions below:


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