See The Hidden Truth About The Charlie Game, It Is Not Magic

The internet was buzzing yesterday with a new demonic game called Charlie Charlie. It trended on Twitter as top for a whole day, and is still trending.

This game was gotten from a movie where exorcism was in play and on reaching Nigeria, everyone wanted to try it out. There were lot a videos circulating, showing the challenge.

A paper will be divided into four and labeled with ‘yes’and ‘no’. ‘Yes’ on the top left and bottom right, while ‘no’ on the top right and bottom left. Then place two like pencils on top of the lines, in a cross-like way. One vertical, the other horizontal, on top of the first.

The player would then ask, “Charlie Charlie, are you there?” If the pencil moves to ‘yes’, you then proceed to ask another question and it would answer. If the pencil however moves to ‘no’, you can’t ask it another question.

However, after the question and answer session, you have to tell Charlie bye if not it would haunt you. This got many people scared last night.

As usual, there’s always a trick to every magic. A video came on also where 2 brothers were playing the game. The brother in charge asked, “Charlie Charlie, are you there?” The pencil then moved to yes.

Surprisingly, the video also captured the player asking his brother not to blow the pencil too much. This happened because his brother squatted at a corner to blow air on the pencil. This caused the pencil to move and it moved too much that’s why he reprimanded him.

Well, it can be seen that this game is a hoax and not magic and has no spiritual attachments but we have to be careful at all times. Demons look for every way possible to come in to a house. Though the game may be fake, it may be an opportunity.

What do you think?

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