See How Uche Maduagwu Tackles Mercy Johnson After She Brought Up The Issue About Her Daughter’s Maltreatment


Controversial A colleague, Mercy Johnson- Okojie, has taken to social media to express her displeasure with her daughter’ s school’ s handling of the situation, despite having taken the matter to the school’ s administration. In response to Mercy Johnson’ s public outcry over the persistent bullying of her child, Purity, by a teacher who claimed she despises her (Mercy Johnson), a social media user confronted Mercy Johnson and presented a different side of the story.

Reacting to the current trending story, Uche Maduagwu, who isn’ t one to allow hot topics like this pass him by, has shared his thoughts on the matter, blaming Mercy Johnson for bringing it to public attention.

To put it another way, he says:

” Dear Mercy Johnson, you are a wonderful mother who #loves her pikin, but I believe all of this attention is unnecessary, given that, according to your post, you state that you did not bring the teacher matter to the attention of school authorities, so why bring the matter to the attention of social media again? .


Have you listened to the teacher’ s side of the story, or have you waited for the #school authorities to complete their investigation before coming up with this LAUGHABLE explanation for why dem allegedly bully your pikin? It is important to recognize that Nigerian #TEACHERS are also people’ s mothers, sisters, and fathers, and that the tremendous work they do should be recognized and appreciated. ”


Looking at this issue from another angle, you will vividly see that Uche Maduagwu is somehow right about Mercy Johnson’ s action. Because it sounds so uncalled for to bring up an issue about her daughter’ s maltreatment in school when she has already taken the issue to the headmaster of the school.


She has already disgraced her daughter’ s school by carrying out such action and this would make most parents start withdrawing their kids from the school. . .


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