See What Some Ladies Go Through To Enlarge Their B0.0bs [+Video]

L£aked video shows what some ladies go through to enlarge their b0.0bs just to make it attractive.

It seems everyone ain’t perfect because sometimes when you check yourself you notice you need some alteration on your body.


However, some ladies see themselves as ‘high class’ because of the amount they spend on their body to look good and if your friendship and your conversation ain’t about money, they ignore you quickly.

A viral video shows how this lady with small b0.0bs enlarging it to become more attractive.

Her b0bs was inserted into a flask and then the air in the flask is pulled out for the b0.0bs to occupy the full flask.


In other news, Popular South African socialite, Zodwa Wabantu, almost brought social media to a standstill, after she posted a video of herself k!ssng her fans on stage amidst coronavirus crisis.

The party life in South Africa is lit after months of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Watch the video below;

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